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 Sold at select boutiques and perfume stores in New Orleans.    

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1999 - 2019

Bayou Queen Perfume, New Orleans Perfume

Bayou Queen by Maison Madame Thelma

From New Orleans to YOU!

From the heart of the Louisiana Bayou Country comes three beautiful perfumes that reflect the grandeur and splendor of New Orleans.  These fragrances are designed for women, and are as modern as they are classic and Lovely.  As you wear these fragrances you will experience the sweet floral notes of magnolia, rose, bergamot, yellow rose, azalea, tea olive that have been long associated with the life and heritage of New Orleans.  These fragrances are highly sought after and will are only available in New Orleans.  Sold at select boutiques and perfume stores in New Orleans.     Parfum, 50ml/1.75 fl.oz.

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New Orleans Original Perfume Creations designed by maison madame thelma

Bayou Queen


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 From New Orleans to You!   Bayou Queen is a captivating Mongolia and rose fragrance created  by Maison Madame Thelma.   It's the perfect perfume that you can wear any time for any occasion.  Lovely, feminine perfume in an elegant French-cut crystal bottle.  This beautiful fragrance will last on your skin all day and you are sure to receive a lot of compliments.  Only the finest absolute oils are used in the creation of this fine fragrance. 


Creole Lady Marmalade by Maison Madame Thelma

The Perfume That Helped Make New Orleans Famous. From Boudoir to YOU!

Creole Lady Marmalade's boudoir is filled with the fragrance of seductive blossoms and fruity top notes in bloom.  Her guests are intoxicated with the scent of perfume aphrodesiacs.  She is a master in the art of seduction, her tools include perfume.   It's a fruity-floral perfume that has filled the imaginations of Lady Marmalade's visitors with memories and visions of their exciting time in New Orleans. The star ingredient in this perfume is coconut rum that seduces the senses..  It's the perfume that helped make New Orleans famous. New Orleans CREOLE Lady Perfume, Creole Perfume, Creole Lady Marmalade Perfume. Sold at select boutiques and perfume stores in New Orleans.    

Parfum, 50ml/1.75 fl.oz. 

Creole Lady Marmalade


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 Creole Lady Marmalade Perfume has captured the imaginations of visitors and has reminded them about their exciting time in New Orleans. 


Bayou Babe by Maison Madame Thelma

Fragrance of the Louisiana Bayou Babe

"As I walk along Bayou Rapides the scent of gardenia blossoms fill the air.  I am mesmerized by this beautiful aroma."  New Orleans is known for this magnificent species of gardenia blossoms.  Until now it has been very resistant.  The Fragrance Design House of Maison Madame Thelma has captured its alluring fragrant beauty and designed it as a precious perfume.  Sold at select boutiques and perfume stores in New Orleans.   Parfum, 50ml/1.75 fl.oz. 

Bayou Babe


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 Bayou Babe with highlights of gardenia, honeysuckle and sweet orange. 


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